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Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Winter sports insurance for yourself and your equipment.  Many first time skiers and snowboarders do not know or hear about the extra dangers and costs associated with the mountains in Europe, USA and worldwide.

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Key Benefits

Whilst skiing and snowboarding can be fun it is a hazardous sport. The major potential cost for skiers and snowboarders is mountain recovery.

In the event of an accident the cost of your rescue can run into thousands of pounds.

Replacing damaged equipment whether owned or hired can also be expensive which is why it is vital that you have the necessary cover in place.


Q1: What happens if I develop a medical condition after I have taken out a policy?

A1: You should contact the insurer immediately to declare the condition.

Q2: What is an excess?

A2: Under certain sections of the policy claims will be subject to an excesses. This means you will be responsible for the first part of the claim. The amount you have to pay is the excess.

Q3: Can non-UK residents buy the insurance?

A3: No, you must be resident in the UK.




Who is it for?

What is covered?

Why you need it?

Anyone going on a winter sports holiday should have this cover:
  • To protect them from expensive mountain recovery and medical costs in the event on an accident

  • The cover can be a stand alone single trip policy or part of a multi annual trip policy

Winter Sports Travel Insurance provides cover which includes:
  • Medical Emergencies on & off the mountain

  • Mountain Recovery

  • Equipment

  • Poor weather, avalanche & piste closure

To protect you against financial loss if:
  • You incur medical expenses and mountain recovery costs due to an accident

  • Stolen equipment on and off the mountain

  • Costs associated with poor weather, avalanche and piste closure

Additional Benefits Include

Travel Insurance

  • Cover for medical emergencies on and off the mountain
  • Cover for piste closure due to bad weather or avalanche
  • Loss or damage to equipment

Winter sports insurance will cover you for medical emergencies on and off the mountain, and other risks you face on winter holidays in cold snowy places.

Other Information

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