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Event Insurance

The Special Event Policy is a flexible portfolio of the key insurances designed to meet the needs of organisers of a wide range of indoor and outdoor events.

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Key Benefits

The most important factor for anyone planning an event is peace of mind: the knowledge that whatever happens, it's covered. A conference may seem like a relatively straight forward low risk event but this does not mean it is immune from the risks which can affect any event, such as:

Adverse weather conditions

Liability claims for injury to a third party or damage to property

The venue may not be available due to damage from a fire or storm

Denial of access to the venue by emergency services


Strikes causing disruption to scheduled airline or airport services

Speakers or entertainers who fail to turn up due to illness, delays or other problems

Outbreaks of infectious diseases leading to quarantine or restricted access

Liability claims for injury to a third party or damage to property

Non Appearance - Key Featured Persons


Q1: What is event insurance?

A1: It provides cover for a variety of risks and can be tailored to suit each individual policy holder.

Q2: Can we cover event cancellation due to terrorism?

A2: Yes, free cover is available for cancellation or abandonment of an event due to terrorism for events in Europe up to £500,000.

Q3: Can you insure against lack of attendance, ticket sales or interest?

A3: No, these are trading risks.

Q4: Can I insure against bad weather?

A4: Yes




Who is it for?

What is covered?

Why you need it?

Organisers of a wide range of events from meetings and hospitality to celebrations, outdoor festivals and music events.

A choice of cover in three key areas of risk including:
  • Cancellation/Disruption
  • Property Damage
  • Public Liability - Up to £10m
  • Employers Liability - Up to £10m
  • Indemnity to directors and employees
  • Non Appearance - Key Featured Persons

Events are at risk from everything from the weather to terrorism and liability claims for injuries incurred at the event by members of the public. Special Events Insurance will protect you against financial loss.

Other Information

To request further information or request a quote please telephone The Insure Group on 0207 112 8940 where a member of our staff will take your details.