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Unoccupied Landlords Property

Our special policy is designed to cover unoccupied buildings for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.  It is ideal for any property owner who's property could remain unoccupied for more than 30 days. It is particularly suitable for solicitors who require a quick and simple insurance solution when dealing with estates.

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Buildings Insurance

Homes can become unoccupied for a variety of reasons and are classed as a greater risk than an occupied home.

We supply flexible cover that can be bought in units of three months for a cost effective solution. Cover includes:

Buildings Insurance Sum insured up to £700,000.

£2,000,000 Property Owners Liability.

£250 policy excess.


Contents insurance is available in addition to buildings insurance and provides cover for:

Contents up to £15,000.

Radio and television aerials, satellite dishes and fittings.

Up to £250 documents, deeds and other personal documents.

Up to £1,000 in respect of domestic oil in fixed fuel oil tanks.

Up to £1,000 of contents within detached domestic outbuildings and garages.




Who is it for?

What is covered?

Why you need it?

  • Property Owners - who's property could remain unoccupied for more 30 days.
  • Solicitors - who require a quick and simple insurance solution when they are dealing
  • with estates.

Included as standard:
  • Buildings Insurance with sum insured up to £700,000
  • £2,000,000 Property Owners Liability
  • Contents Insurance with a sum insured up to £15,000

To protect you and your unoccupied property and contents from:
  • Theft by Third Parties
  • Fire and Water Damage
  • Malicious and Accidental Damage
  • Liability Claims

Additional Benefits Include


If the property ceases to be unoccupied the policy can be converted to a standard owner occupied or let property policy.

The unoccupied let property will cover you if your house is left unattended for more than 30 consecutive days

Other Information

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