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Directors & Officers Insurance

Providing personal liability cover for company directors, officers and non-executive directors.  Our Directors and Officers Insurance policy provides both standard and enhanced cover options at very competitive rates. Allowing you to tailor your insurance to suit your individual needs.

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Directors & Officers Liability

Many directors and officers assume that they are protected by the limited liability status of their company. Directors do not have limited personal liability and in the event of a claim their personal assets may be at risk.

A shareholder, employee or any other third party may take action against directors, officers or senior managers if they are accused of being engaged in wrongful or misleading acts whilst conducting company business.

In the event of a claim substantial costs can be incurred. D & O insurance provides indemnity in respect of these costs and any damages awarded. Thus protecting the individuals own assets.


Q1: Why do I need cover?

A1: In the event of a claim your personal assets may be at risk. D & O insurance provides protection in the event of a claim.

Q2: Who can make a claim?

A2: A claim could be criminal, civil or regulatory and could be made by a shareholder, an employee, a regulatory body e.g. Health & Safety Executive.

Q3: Who is covered under a D&O policy?

A3: Directors and Senior Manager/Officers of the company or charity or association/committee.




Who is it for?

What is covered?

Why you need it?

Directors, Officers and Non-Executive Directors of:
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Charities or Institutions run by a board or committee

All directors, officers and senior employees for the personal liability they may incur as a result of allegations made against them in the course of their fiduciary duties such as:
  • Legislative breaches
  • Abusing powers
  • Alleged financial mismanagement of the company
  • Disputes arising from mergers and acquisition activity
  • Employment practicies liability
  • Defence costs and damages

To protect directors and those in positions of responsibility against acts undertaken in running of an organisation, as well as those involving negligence and breach of trust from an honest mistake.

Additional Info

Home Insurance

  • Limits from £100,000 all they way up to £10,000,000

Directors & officers liability insurance indemnifies directors and senior management against legal actions made against them personally as a result of their decisions and actions whilst managing the business. This type of cover, also known as D&O cover, should be seen as an essential form of insurance to protect the personal assets of individuals.

Other Information

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